Glazing Options (vision panels)

Here we have a selection of our glazed door templates, this is only a sample because all SBS doors are made bespoke to our customer’s requirements.

We have various glass types:

Triple glazed or Triplex, used for much larger glazed units, Triplex is a 9 mm reinforced panel which acts a structural member of the door.

Float (Ornamental). This is 4mm sheet of glass for smaller openings.

Both Triplex and the Ornamental glazed doors can be supplied with crystal clear glass or with etched and engraving options, we can apply a temporary or permanent frosted effect to a design, pattern or logo.

We also have some very special moulded glass, any pattern or design can be applied during manufacture, this glass is very stylish and unique.

For security and fire protection, we can supply wired glass, used for vision panels in commercial environments.