SBS Designer Glass.

Glazed doors are very popular and practical, at SBS Design we like to add as much visual effect as we can. Our customers are not only free to choose the size and shape of the glass but also textures and patterns.

Etched Glass.

Glass can be opaque (etched) to a matte finish, this will allow light to pass through but maintain privacy.

Semi Opaque.

Semi opaque is the option where shapes, patterns or designs are etched on one or both sides leaving some crystal clear glass to see through. We can supply one of our ready-made templates or assist you in designing your own.

Moulded Glass.

Moulded or embossed glass is an amazing process where the patterns or pictures are more 3 dimensional. Both the embossed and the semi opaque come alive when feature lighting effects are applied.

Mirrored Glass.

Mirrorored glass will make a room appear much larger in size, ideal for bathrooms, bedroom wardrobes and cupboards, mirrored glass can also be etched with your pattern.