SBS Design have an exciting range of toughened (Tempered) glass doors, which are extremely popular in both domestic and commercial installations.

A toughened glass door is a structural leaf, the glass is tempered to make it very strong, able to support itself without the need for wooden or metal framework, available in 8, 10 and 12mm. Holes are cut into the glass to allow for the hinges, handles and locks, SBS Design use a world class German brand of hardware, the best in the industry, adding that extra touch of style, security and quality to the SBS toughened glass door. Dorma have excelled in producing access solutions which meet or exceed the requirements for any opening.

Toughened glass doors inspire innovative and creative ideas with opaque and semi opaque designs. SBS offer etchedengraved or embossed logos and patterns to the glass. Frosting is available in either permanent etch or temporary vinyl. You can supply us with your design ideas on a disc, a computer file or we can even help create something for you. This is a very interesting and contemporary style of door, for example we can etch a positive design on one side of the door and the same design as a negative on the other side to create a very interesting 3D effect. Embossed designs add another dimension, run your fingers across the glass and feel the quality. Etched and embossed glass is especially impressive when lighting effects are added, directional halogen lighting can create impressive reflections on the floor and walls. There is no limitation!

SBS toughened glass doors are typically supplied with one of our bespoke wooden frames, but can be fitted as part of a glazed partition or fitting into an existing opening. Our wood frames are finished with a real wood veneer of your choosing, we have an amazing catalogue to choose from, traditional, contemporary or exotic. Veneers can be varnished natural or we can be tint either side from an array of different stains.  Alternatively we can manufacture the frame with a laminate board, we have plenty of options to choose from including different wood effects and painted RAL colours.

With SBS Design you always have a choice.