The entrance door to your home or office is the most important door of all, this door makes a statement, it say’s something about you, it gives a visitor a first impression and first impressions last!

SBS Design have a full design service for all types of entry door. Everything we make is made to measure, tall, short, thick or thin we will produce a stunning door which you will be very proud of.

For the home or for work, SBS Design entry doors are always high quality, innovative, solid and secure.

Although there are no restrictions to the type and style we can produce, SBS Design have a list of popular entry doors to get your imagination fired up. Interior entry doors, exterior security doorsglazed panel doorstempered glass doorslaser cut profile doorscontemporary modern.


Interior Entry doors are suited to apartment blocks, where the door opens into a communal corridor. They are thicker with heavier security type locking systems and hinges than interior doors. This type of door has an integral lip around the sides and top which covers the frame for added security and draft exclusion. Spy hole fitments are added when required.

SBS interior entrance doors are made of a wooden framework, they are a solid construction with MDF facia panels pressed to the front and rear of the door which will be prepared to compliment the room or hallway it faces. The facia panels can be milled with a router to one of our template designs, but any new design can be milled to your door should you want something a little different, SBS Designers are available to assist with the preparation of the design to steam line the process.

 SBS Design offer a stunning range of finishes to choose from, real wood veneers, laminates and spray painted finishes.

 Real wood veneers have a beautiful and stylish look and feel where each side of the door will blend in with the surrounding SBS doors perfectly. The choice of finish can differ on each side depending on the decoration and the adjacent doors in close proximity. (We may be able to match your existing doors by request) SBS Design have a wide range of traditional, contemporary and exotic real wood veneers. These can be finished natural or stained to your desired colour combination. We have a full spectrum of coloured stains to bring the natural beauty of the wood grain to life.

Laminate facia panels are available embossed, flat, moulded or wood effect. The flat, embossed and moulded versions can be spray painted to any RAL colour of your choice. There are a range of moulded designs to choose from as well as a choice of simulated wood effects. Please take a look at the laminates range for some examples.

For all veneered and coated laminate options (not wood effect) varnishes and paints can be finished within the scale from 100% Matte through satin to 100% gloss.

The SBS interior entry doors are supported by our heavy duty wooden frames, there are rubber draft excluder strips which fit neatly into a groove around the frame which the door closes onto. The frames and architraves are colour co-ordinated to correspond with each side of your door.

We use much wider architraves than those on the internal doors, each set is also matched to the doors colour combination. SBS Design have a range of architrave shapes to choose from, please follow the link to the architrave page to check out what we have to offer. SBS Design have new architrave designs regularly coming into production.

SBS External Entry doors are produced with maximum security in mind, these doors are of steel construction, not thin pressed steel which you may find on cheaper Chinese manufactured doors, but heavier gauge rolled steel and box section. The SBS entry door is very heavy duty. The frame and the door are manufactured as one, they use a shoot bolt locking mechanism which locks into the side, the top of the steel frame and one firmly into the floor. We use very high quality, high security locks, hinges and hinge bolts which stop the door being prized off from the hinge side.

The Exterior entry doors are matched and finished the same way on the inside as the internal entry door, but we use water resistant materials to finish the outside. Solid hardwood panelling is available but we recommend the painted finish. Our external paint finishes can be matched to any RAL colour and painted in matte, satin or gloss.

The SBS internal and external entry doors are available for both home and office environments. But we also have a few other very interesting options for our commercial entry doors.

Glazed Panel Entry doors, ideally suited for porches and vestibules, they are available in single leaf, double, or door and a half. The glazed entry door is not designed to be as strong as either of the previous examples, but far stronger than an internal door, the glazed door allows you to see who your visitor is and allows natural light into the building, this is often important in reception areas where there may not be any other form of natural light available.

Although the glazed door may not be as strong as the Internal or external doors, we can manufacture this model with tempered or toughened glass, which are virtually unbreakable on their face, alternately we can offer wired glass.

The SBS Glazed entry doors can be manufactured from a variety of solid woods which can be stained and varnished to your requirements. We can also manufacture this model in the same way as the interior entry door where we can offer the same finishing options.

SBS Tempered glass entry doors are recommended for high street shops or business office suites which may be situated within larger office buildings

SBS Design offer tempered glass in 3 variations, these can be supplied at a thickness of 10 or 12mm. Crystal clearopaque and semi opaque. Crystal clear glass is mainly used in areas where privacy is not required, for safety reasons we would suggest some form of frosted or vinyl design at eye level as a visual warning to someone approaching a clear glass door.

Opaque tempered glass has a frosted appearance, used in areas where a level of privacy is required, the glass allows for light transfer but cannot be seen through, this effect can be permanently applied during production or added in vinyl for a temporary solution.

Semi opaque glass is an interior designers dream, any shape pattern or logo can be etchedengraved or embossed onto the glass, leaving as much or as little crystal clear glass to see through. Designs using this type of glass work well because someone walking past an office with glass that restricts the vision will not generally try to focus on what is behind it, but those inside the office will be able to see exactly who is approaching from the outside. We can also offer engraved and embossed designs, these can be company logos, shop or office numbers or just a random pattern.  Engraved and embossed designs have become the choice of those who really want to add something special to their entrance door, they do look very impressive.  You can supply us with your company logo or idea by CD, computer file or we can assist you if you do not feel very creative, for example we can etch a positive of your logo or design on to one side of the door and the same design as a negative on the other side to create a very interesting 3D effect. Embossed designs add another dimension, run your fingers across the glass and feel the quality. Etched and embossed glass is especially impressive when lighting effects are added. Directional halogen lighting can create impressive reflections on the floor and walls.

Laser cut profiles and contemporary modern doors,  these are the most exciting, using laser and water jet cutting technology, SBS Design can include 3D shapes, logos and designs to doors, partitions, signs or walls, using materials such as MDFwoodstainless steelPerspex and aluminum.  With MDF and wood, the shapes are cut from a sheet (thickness to suit the design requirements) the MDF or wood is then fixed to the particular job in hand, any joints or seams are filled and then the complete section is painted to the customer requirements, when painted in the same colour the logo looks as if it has been embossed.

Stainless steel and aluminum are used regularly as stripes which are inset into our veneered doors, the contrast in material and colour bring out the beauty of the wood. SBS Design can laser cut any size or shape of logo, we can flush fit it direct to the door or fix it with dowels to raise the sign from the surface. This is very interesting for business entry doors. Stainless steel is perfect for exterior use as it will not rust or tarnish. Use Perspex if you want to add some colour to your design, Perspex will retain its colour and finish for many years. SBS design can create some very interesting lighting effects which make the Perspex and glass a real feature.