SBS Secure Entry Doors.

SBS Design have a door to offer maximum protection against forced entry for all which is valuable to you. Whether for the home or business these doors are exceptionally strong and still extremely stylish.

No compromise has been made with this, the strongest in our collection. The SBS armoured entry door is manufactured from a welded box section steel frame, this houses the locking mechanism which will protrude out in 3 directions when the key is turned. The door has a 1.5mm thick sheet of steel welded to each side, so no amount of impact will penetrate it. This heavyweight has its own box section steel hanging frame which will be fixed deep into the walls with welded bars. Both the door and its frame are made as a matching pair, hinged with heavy duty welded hinges. The door overlaps the frame on the outer side making it impossible open the gap between them. The hinge side has dead bolts fitted so the door cannot be prized off in any direction.

 SBS secure doors are always fitted with high quality multi stage locking mechanisms for the prevention of picking or drilling, our locks are provided with security keys for added protection. Plus we have a wide range of elegant and stylish handles and finishing hardware to choose from.

All of our doors are made to measure and come in a range of high quality finishing options, Solid wood facia panelscolour coded spray painted finishes and selection of Hardwood veneers. Please follow the link for detailed information.

Spy holes, safety latches, safety glass panels and letter boxes can also be installed as an option.

So if you want to protect your family and your valuables from break-ins, to have peace of mind that your personal space will not be violated by an intruder and give value to your property choose the SBS Secure Entry Door.