SBS Design door frames and Achitraves.

SBS Design offer a selection of shapes, sizes and thicknesses of door frames and architraves. We have something to suit all tastes and styles. Because all of our doors are bespoke you can combine frame and architrave options to create something quite unique.

SBS Frames. Option 1: The Flat Frame.

The first two pictures show the flat frame (Standard frame), this frame has a square edge.

The width of the frame will be dependant on the thickness of your walls. SBS door frames have an adjustable architrave (Governing) on one side to allow for walls which are not quite level.

The first picture is a door set finished with a real wood veneer with flat architraves. With real wood veneer you can choose any style of architrave to match your frame. This option is also available in our spray painted finish, take a look at our vast colour range.

For further information about how to select options or for general enquiries
please Contact Us.

We have a wide range of veneers and coloured wood stains to choose from, please browse the veneer page and samples for ideas.

In the second picture the door set is finished in a
laminate. All laminated doors will be supplied with flat frames (Standard).

All laminated doors are supplied with flat architraves as pictured. There are many colour, design and textures to choose from. Please browse the laminated page for design ideas.

Feel free to Contact Us for futher information on laminated door set options.

SBS door frame. Option 2: The Round Frame.

This is a very impressive frame. The large radius blends the frame into the architrave making the whole set seem more prominent. The width will be calculated by the thickness of your walls. SBS Design will manufacture your frames to the specific measurements required.

In this picture the rounded frame has been coupled with the rounded (Pivato) architrave option. This architrave is 60mm in width.
(Both the rounded frame and rounded architrave are available in the real wood veneer and spray painted finishes, not laminates)

In this picture the Architrave shown is the governing or adjustable side.

In this picture we have coupled the rounded frame with the larger 70mm Pivato architraves.

The larger frames really help the style and elegance of your new doors really stand out.

Only available in real wood veneer, not laminates.

A large catalogue of real wood veneers and colour options are available. Please browse the gallery for design ideas and colour options or Contact Us for assistance.

SBS door frame. Option 3: The SBS Frame.

This is the SBS door frame, it has a more angular and contemporary style, with the clean sharp lines it ideally compliments the flat architrave option.

The picture shown has been coupled with the 60mm flat architrave. The frame size will be governed by the width of your wall and the size of the opening.
The flat architrave width can be modified on request, this really will make the door a feature of your room.

The SBS frame is only available in real wood veneer or spray painted finishes (not laminate)

SBS Design are available to assist with colour and design ideas. Plus! If you have a profile or shape of frame or architrave that you would like to try, SBS Design are happy to help so feel free to Contact Us.

So. these are a sample of the frames we have available, to compliment the frame our next section is the architraves.

SBS Design Architraves and sills.

We have a wide selection of Architraves and sills for all enviroments, for the office or for the home, traditional, themed, modern and contemporary. all available in an assortment of styles, colours and finishes. But if you have an exciting idea of your own that you would like to develop, we will be very happy to help.

SBS Design Architraves. Option 1: The Roman Style

The Roman style pictured are samples of a real wood veneer finish, these also look stunning spray painted, we have a vast colour range to choose from.
The sill at the top can be altered to match an idea you may have or we can design something new for you. there are few limitations to the size as these are all made to personal order.

The vertical architraves used here are the Imperial type , but the flat or rounded models will work as well with the Roman Sill.

The picture above shows the hinge side of the door with the fixed (forged) Architrave. The picture below shows the frame side with the governing or adjustable architraves.

The Roman can be fitted to all frame options.

SBS Design Architraves. option 2: The Baroque Style

The Baroque is a traditional style, the sill at the top is shaped like a marble plinth which can be altered in size and shape depending on your requirements and taste.

This option is available in real wood veneer and spray painted finishes. We have selected the Imperial style of architrave for the doors pictured but all architrave options are available for this model.

The Baroque can be fitted to all of our frame options.

Not available in laminate.

SBS Design Architraves. Option3: The Imperial Style.

The Imperial style is an 85mm consistant architrave which will compliment all of the SBS door frames available.

This stunning and very modern type of architrave looks amazing in real wood veneer or in one of the 800 spray paint finishes we have available.

This will transform the look of your doors and your rooms whether at home or in the office.

We have chosen one of our triple glazed doors to showcase this popular design.

The Imperial is not available in a laminate.

SBS Design Architraves. option 4: The Renaissance Style.

The Renaissance style of architrave is an 80mm moulding, its size gives an impressive appearance to your doors.

This can be used in both traditional or modern environments, whether in the home or office.

The style will compliment all of the SBS Design door frames available.

We can prepare this in real wood veneer or in one of the 800 colours in the spray painting range.

Not available in laminate.

We have used the flat (Standard) frame and are displaying the triplex glazed door with an SBS glass etched effect.

Feel free to Contact Us for design finish and colour ideas.

SBS Design Architraves. option 5: Progressive design.

The progressive design is an ultra modern architrave, from 80 to 160mm, this frame really makes a statement.

Available for all of the SBS door frames in either real wood, veneer or in one of our spray painted finieshes.

Not available in laminate.