Folding doors are another suitable solution in the presence of limited space. The folding harmonica door, like sliding doors, saves space and gives additional options for the design of a given room. Accordion interior doors are also a very good solution for dividing a larger room into two. Last but not least, the quality folding door fits perfectly into the interior design and contributes to the finished look of the room.

Why opt for accordion doors?

Sliding accordion doors are a slightly different solution, but again provide a quick and efficient redistribution of interior space. Folding doors are a practical solution, and the workmanship of SBS Design guarantees quality and long life. Unlike mass production, we use MDF and make each door to order – so that it fits smoothly in its place.

Bespoke accordion doors, made by SBS Design

Like all interior doors made by SBS Design, each folding door is custom made to fit the space. For the manufacture of this type of door we use MDF – a material with a high degree of moisture resistance. The finish of the accordion door can be laminate, veneer or paint, where we offer a huge choice of more than 800 colors from our RAL catalog. This wide range guarantees you’ll find the right design for you!

For the production of our folding doors, we use upper guidance mechanisms. The latter keeps the looks of the door as neat and clean as possible and at the same time eliminates the need to install a lower rail, which is often an obstacle.

Trust the experience of SBS Design to deliver the quality you need!

We are a manufacturer with many years of experience in interior door design and production, including accordion type doors. Over time, we have been perfecting both production technology and assembly to deliver the best final product that clients could get. In addition, we offer warranty and post-warranty service.

SBS Design has showrooms in Varna, Burgas and Shumen, where you can see for yourself the types of doors and the quality of manufacturing. We will be happy to have you in one of our stores for an individual consultation and price offer. You will find the addresses and telephone numbers of our individual offices on our contact page.