SBS Design use only high quality Italian and German veneers, produced by The Danzer Group and Alpi Group.

The process of veneering.

The term veneer is a process in which thin sheets of real hardwood have been shaved from a trees truck along the grain. The veneer sheets are on average 150mm wide and 2 to 3 metres long, each sheet is selected by one of our trained staff who cut them with a specially designed guillotine so the wood grain matches perfectly, these are then taped together ready for the next part of the process.

The press.

 Now the veneer is wide enough to cover the door. Adhesive is applied to the MDF facia panel of the door which has already been cut to size, then immense pressure and heat are applied to bond the surfaces without any air trapped between them.


 After the cooling process the fine veneers are very carefully sanded to remove the tape and any unwanted glue

Why use veneer?

There are 3 main reasons for this type of application over the use of solid wood to manufacture doors and furniture, the first being that the cost is greatly reduced, it’s a much more affordable way to bring the natural beauty and feel of real wood into your home or office. The second is the stability of the materials used, MDF is a fantastic material for door and furniture manufacture as it is incredibly versatile, easy to use and perfect every time, it has no knots, grain or sap to deal with. It does not distort or swell in the same way real wood can due to atmospheric changes. Veneers are carefully selected so they too come out perfect each time. Different types of wood veneer can be combined easily to create design ideas plus different wood types can be used on each side of your door. There are so many possibilities. Take a look at our gallery to see some examples.

Milling and glazing.

Milled doors are those which have designs or shaped panels cut out of the surface with a router, we have many templates available. SBS Design can replicate a customer’s design or create a new style on request. All of the doors in the SBS Design range can be custom glazed too, we can cut clear, opaque or designer glass into any of our doors.

Finishes and coatings.

SBS Design have a comprehensive catalogue of stunning veneers to choose from. Traditional, modern, contemporary and exotic, check out the veneer samples page for some examples. Doors can be covered with different veneers on each side or the same veneer with a different colour ground coat or stain. We have a wide range of colours and variations to choose from or you can simply leave the veneer natural and coat it with a clear lacquer.

All of our veneered products are sprayed with a varnish which can be matte, semi-matte (satin) or full gloss. There is an option to choose the percentage level of gloss from 0 -100%.