This type of door has challenged the SBS Design team to respond to the ever-growing demand for concealed doors with some constructive ideas for manufacturing them! In the broadest sense of the word, concealed doors blend completely with the décor of the wall on which they are placed. In other words, the door lies on the same plane as that of the wall.

Manufacturing options of concealed doors and partitions

There are several options depending on your idea of ​​decoration and the desired direction to open the door /open on the outside or the inside/.

For example, the door can be fused with the decorative paneling on the wall. The concealed door can also be part of the paneling, following the texture of the wood. Decorative details can be milled as a natural extension from the door to the paneling. In general, the design of a concealed door depends on your desire and ideas.

Another option is to blend this type of door with decorative plaster or simply paint it the same color as the wall. For this purpose, we use a specially made aluminum frame. And the door itself is treated with the necessary priming materials beforehand. This allows the retention of the applied decorative plaster or paint.

Depending on the idea, the so-called “hidden hinges”, which are not visible on both sides of the door, a lock with a magnetic striker and a suitable handle are used to carry out each project.

In the gallery you can see some of the completed projects for clients of SBS Design.

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