SBS triple ply (Triplex) glass doors have become very popular recently, the increasing demand has made them a considerable percentage of the company production. Not only for the aesthetic appeal but also for their additional strength. Unlike glass in a traditional glazed wooden door Triplex glass is very strong, so much so that it acts as a structural component of the door which does not need to be framed with wood on all of its edges. Triplex is made by bonding 2 sheets of glass together with a special resin cured under extreme pressure giving it the same characteristics an automotive windscreen. We use 9mm glass in our doors but various thicknesses are available when required.
The SBS triple ply doors are manufactured using a softwood framework and MDF face panels which can be finished to the customer’s requirements with the glass firmly fixed to frame in the shape and size required, there are far less limitations than that of normal float glass allowing for greater design options. Architects, interior designers and creative home owners alike are able to express their unique flare with a combination of shapes, textures, colours and finishes with the help of SBS Design.

SBS Design offer triple ply glass in 3 variations, crystal clear, opaque and semi opaque:

Crystal clear glass is mainly used in areas where privacy is not required, where the doors divide rooms, acting as a sound barrier but maintaining the visual size of the room and allowing maximum natural light to flood into an area where there may not be enough.

Opaque glass has a frosted appearance, used in areas where a level of privacy is required, the glass allows for light transfer but cannot be seen through. In a commercial environment the opaque glass is ideally suited to meeting rooms and private offices. In a domestic situation the opaque glass is perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms for example.

Semi opaque glass is a designers dream, any shape pattern or logo can be etched or engraved onto the glass, leaving as much or as little crystal clear glass to see through. Semi opaque glass is used between offices and waiting rooms, doors and partitions in communal work areas and commercial entry doors. This type of glass works very well because people walking past an office with glass that restricts the vision will not generally try to focus on what is behind it, but those inside the office will be able to see exactly what is happening outside the room, designs can be etched onto the glass permanently or a frosted vinyl can be applied which can be easily removed when required. In the home etched and engraved designs have become the choice of those who really want to add something special to a room by including a sleek and stylish design to their glazed door.

In addition to the glass there are many options to finish the wooden part of the door, SBS Design can offer a stunning range of real wood veneers, laminates and spray painted finishes. Real wood veneers are a beautiful accompaniment to the triple ply glass, SBS Design have a wide range of traditional, contemporary and exotic hardwood veneers which can be finished natural or stained to your desired colour combination. There are a full spectrum of coloured stains to bring the natural beauty of the wood to life. Laminate facia panels are available in flat, embossed, moulded and wood effect. The flat, embossed and moulded versions can be spray painted to any RAL colour of your choice. There are a range of moulded designs to choose from as well as a choice of wood effects. All varnishes and paints can be finished within the scale of 100% Matte through satin to 100% gloss.

SBS Design have a team of designers to help you create a stunning triple ply glass door, you can choose a different veneer, laminate or colour combination for each side of your doors. With SBS Design the choice is yours!