Painted MDF Doors

SBS Design offer a superior range of high quality polyurethane spray painted finishes as an alternative to our real wood veneered or finished laminated doors.

Polyurethane spray paint

The polyurethane paint will not fade or discolour like oil based paints, the finish is very tough and easy to keep clean. SBS deign have over 800 colours to choose from, if you have a specific RAL colour, we can match it.

Spray paint finish options

SBS design offer finishes from 100% matte through to 100% gloss, Matte and semi matte (satin) finishes are very sleek and modern, we can match the gloss content of existing furniture to finish a room in style.  High gloss is the easiest to keep clean, the gloss finish is also ideal in smaller rooms as light reflections give the appearance of more space.

Good for the environment

SBS Design use water based polyurethane paints as opposed to solvent based products, this is due to affect the solvent based chemicals have on the environment and to minimize the dangers of toxicity and flammability in the workplace. Amazing technological advances  have been made in the paint industry meaning water based systems are now as effective in colour light fastness, durability and flexibility with very minimal volatile content making them an eco-friendly and safe substitute to solvents.


Paint finishes can be applied to a number of SBS Designed doors. All exterior and secure entry doors, flat or milled MDF faced doors, unfinished moulded laminated doors and real wood veneered doors.