The difference between a laminated door and a veneered door is that a laminate is an engineered finish or effect moulded or printed onto MDF (medium density fibreboard) which has been coated with a very durable melamine skin, whereas a veneer is a layer of real wood to finish the door which has to be  coated with a varnish or lacquer. Laminated doors need no finishing, sanding or varnishing.

Laminates are available in many forms:

  • Flat – ready for spray painting.
  • Flat – with a printed wood effect on the surface. These come in various simulated wood finishes.
  • Embossed – simulated panelled door, ready for spray painting. These come in a variety of different designs and grain effects.
  • Embossed – with a simulated wood finish. These come with various patterns and moulded panel effects.

Why choose a laminated door?

Laminated doors are less expensive and much lighter than veneered doors, they are ideal for the home or for developers of larger buildings who are conscious of budgetary restraints.