Internal double doors are a great way to open up a living space, especially when glazed, they allow light to pass from room to room acting as a sound barrier when closed.

External double doors create a grand entrance and add a touch of style to any building.

With each set of doors you have options on how they open:

Two sectional doors. These can have 2 opening panels, with one held by latches at the top and bottom until you require it to be opened. They are rebated so they fit together nicely when closed. Or one can be permanently fixed.

Three sectional doors. These can have one, two or 3 opening sections, if you require 3 opening then one door will be hinged to another.

Four sectional doors. This variant is usually configured with 2 opening doors in the centre and two fixed panels on either side.

Glazed panels can be added above but when the frame becomes larger we may decide to add reinforcement to ensure it keeps its shape.

Double doors are available in the following finishes, please click on the links to view your options:

Hardwood veneers


Spray painted finishes.