5 important things to consider when shopping for interior doors

As an important part of the interior of your home, interior doors must be chosen very carefully. After all, the doors which you will be placing throughout your home will immensely affect the overall looks of each room. Choosing the right interior door design is, however, only a part of the challenge. There are a whole lot of other factors which you need to take into account when you are shopping for your new interior doors. To make it a little bit easier on you, in what’s to follow we will share with you the list of the 5 most important things you need to consider when you are looking for interior doors.

#1 How will the door be hanged?

This is probably the most pressing matter to address when you are shopping for a door – How will the door be mounted?

If you would like the door to be hanged with regular hinges, think carefully which way will the door open – inward or outward. Usually, interior doors open inward. There are some instances where the interior does not allow for that to happen. If you have enough space for the door to open inward and enough of an entrance, think about internal double doors. And if the space is not enough, there is always the option of sliding doors. This is a great space-saving idea and the doors themselves look stunningly well. Not to mention the many benefits they have.

#2 What size should the interior doors be?

At the time of writing of this article, there are no precise requirements for interior doors in Bulgaria. This is why carefully measuring the entrances left for interior doors is critical! It’s worth mentioning that consulting the professionals might be the best option you have. That way you could rest assured the new bespoke doors will fit perfectly. Also, choosing bespoke interior doors is the way to ensure top quality combined with a design that you truly love.

#3 A matter of taste …

An interior door, frame, and sills, manufactured by SBS Design

Once you have what matters most – the idea of how the door will open – inward or outward, as well as the precise dimensions, it is time to think about the looks. Do you want something modern, or are you after that classic look? When deciding on the final design of your interior doors, it is a good idea to browse through different catalogues – veneers, laminates, solid colors, glazing, designer glass, handles, and milled designs.

Think what would best fit your interior and your taste – the feel of real wood with a nice coat of veneer, or the smooth and shiny surface of the laminate. Or would the design of your home feel complete with a MDF interior door of solid color of your choosing? It is likely you would go for all interior doors in your home to be in sync. What you should consider is getting different designs for the doors of different rooms. This will change up the interior design in each room and make it feel complete. Plus, different door colors are good for the Feng Shui of the house.

#4 Let more light in

It is also helpful to have it at the back of your mind that bespoke interior doors can always be manufactured with appropriate glazing. This would be a perfect choice if you want more sunlight in the room or the hallway, depending, of course, on where your windows are located.

Once you know what finish you want for your doors and whether you want glazing, take a look at the catalogues and browse for colors, textures and glazing. That way an SBS Design representative will easily assist you in shaping the final version of your interior doors design.

#5 Handles and locks

An interior door, manufactured by SBS Design, with a brass handle.

At first thought – something really small, but in reality, the looks of your interior doors can not feel visually complete without the appropriate handles, locks, and hinges. These elements are important not only for your door design, but for the overall design of the room.

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