Скрита тапетна врата, сливаща се с дървената ламперия на стената на офис стая.

7 interior door styles and when to use each one

In our homes, of course, interior doors serve a practical function. But beyond that, they also provide an opportunity for us to express our own style and use the interior door as a blank canvass to be turned into a design element that is a centerpiece of sorts. In short, it’s not just about privacy! […]
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Space-Saving Secrets: Innovative Alternatives to Traditional Bathroom Doors

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, the quest for optimizing space has become an art form. Especially when it comes to the often overlooked bathroom door. Welcome to a realm where innovation meets necessity — “Space-Saving Secrets: Innovative Alternatives to Traditional Bathroom Doors.” In this exploration, we delve into creative solutions that transcend the […]
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Unlocking the Past: A Journey Through the History of Locks

Locks have played an essential role in safeguarding our belongings, providing security, and maintaining privacy for centuries. The history of locks is a fascinating tale of ingenuity, craftsmanship, and the constant pursuit of better security measures. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the origins of locks, their purposes, and the innovations that have shaped […]
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Freshen up your home with retro interior doors

Whether your favorite decade is the 1980s, 70s or the 60s, or you prefer to go way back to the Shaker style or that of the classic English cottage, the passion for retro shows no signs of abating either here or in the West. As we have said more than once, the choice of interior […]
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Сива полуотворена плъзгаща врата, която разделя баня от хол.

Sliding doors – 6 frequently asked questions you want answered

Sliding doors are a popular choice for homeowners who want to maximize space, increase natural light, and add a touch of style to their home. These doors offer a variety of benefits, from their ease of use to their versatility in design. With many types and styles available, sliding doors can be used for both […]
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Aluminum or PVC: Which is more suitable for making your new custom bathroom doors?

Your bathroom doors must most definitely be made of the right materials so that they maintain their looks and keep functioning well. The main challenges though is the limited space in almost every bathroom and the overexposure of the bathroom door to water and moisture. White it is quite important for the bathroom doors to […]
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The differences between laminated and veneered MDF interior doors

Laminate and veneer have been growing in popularity over the recent past. With their flexibility, versatility and ability to fit into any design, these two materials have become a great alternative to solid wood. Among other things, they are also relatively friendly to the environment, an important benefit to great many people. While laminates are […]
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Отворена входна врата с ключ в ключалката

How to maintain your wooden front door so it lasts longer

Wooden/MDF front doors give a lot to your home in terms of tangible benefits. They are solid and for the most part – wear-resistant, and they look very good! There’s no denying that. However, it is important that the front door is properly maintained to ensure that it will not only continue to look good, […]
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