8 Practical bathroom renovation ideas you should opt for

Whether you want to renovate a bathroom in an old home or need to make a completely new one, now is the time to consider some improvements that will provide you and your family with great convenience in the years to come.

Here are our 8 ideas for improvements in the repair of your bathroom you should definitely opt for.

Toilet bowl with built-in/concealed cistern

Hanging toilet bowls (wall-mounted toilet bowls) have a number of advantages over standard solutions. They offer a minimalist design, take up way less space and make cleaning much, much easier. It is no coincidence that nowadays interior designers massively prefer this option to the standard ones.

In reality, the toilet bowl is just the façade. Hidden from view is the cistern built into the wall before being covered with tiles. It is definitely worth considering the idea, especially if you have less space in the bathroom. You get convenience and it looks way better that the regular toilet bowl!

Install a new bathroom door

The bathroom door is an integral part of the interior of the room, as well as the entire home. Therefore, any major bathroom renovation most definitely has to include a change of the door. And the replacement of a bathroom door itself is often necessary, because this is the interior door, prone to the greatest wear due to the humidity in the room.

Fortunately, however, you can consult an SBS Design specialist to help you choose between different types of bathroom doors.

Сива полуотворена плъзгаща врата, която разделя баня от хол.

Tiles with texture for the shower

The choice of tiles is not easy with such a wide range of available types. Although appearance is often the leading factor, consider safety as well. In this regard, you can look for tiles with some anti-slip texture. There is already a large enough variety of anti-slip tiles that will fit perfectly to the design of your new bathroom.

Additional lighting

A little more light in the bathroom is can never hurt, especially if there is no window to let natural light in the room. So when renovating the bathroom, think about how you can put additional lighting or replace the current with a better one. You can also explore the possibility of a dimmer on the main lights – such a device that can dim the lights is a great idea if you like to relax in the bath.

Opt for underfloor heating

If you are also replacing the flooring when renovating the bathroom, there is an easy way to get underfloor heating only in the wet room. Electric underfloor heating is not so expensive, but at the same time provides additional convenience – the feeling of a warm floor in the bathroom is great, and the flooring dries faster.

New countertops for bathroom cabinets / sinks

Like tiles, there are countless options for a bathroom countertop. However, when choosing the material, it is important to balance functionality with appearance.

Natural stone countertops are quite expensive, but they are also durable. In addition, they fit various interior design styles. Many people like the appearance of marble countertops, but this type of stone is porous and needs more frequent maintenance. Tile countertops are easy to install, but the joints get dirty quickly and need to be cleaned. Bear that in mind when you are making a decision.

Prioritize ventilation

Ventilation is not exactly the most exciting part of bathroom redesign, but improving a poorly ventilated room should be a priority.

In this line of thinking, installing a bathroom fan is a good solution. It removes moisture and odors and improves indoor air quality. Thus, the fan can also help prevent the formation of mold in the bathroom.

Water shower

The bathroom renovation will not be completed if you do not change the shower. A good option for a new shower are such made with water-saving technology. As the very name suggests, these are a type of showers that save water, however, this does not make them less powerful. The water pressure is the same and they are no less effective than ordinary showers. Water-saving showers, on the other hand, are more environmentally friendly and can save you a hefty amount by reducing your water consumption.

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