What are the advantages of painted MDF interior doors?

Choosing an interior door basically comes down to picking among three types of the same material – laminated, veneered or painted MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard). Each of them, quite naturally, has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, however, we are going to tell you more about the upsides of painted MDF.

If changing your interior doors in your home or office is coming round around the corner, definitely think about installing fitted painted MDF interior doors. Over the past years the trend to go for precisely that type of interior doors has remained constant. It really can’t be any other way, given the fact that the exterior of the interior door (pun intended) appeals widely and one could hardly look past the many design options that paint offers. Painted MDF doors are a great way of freshening up the interior space, giving it a piece of you. That way you don’t have to risk painting a specific room over in a colour that may not look great on a wall. At the same time, that same colour could look amazing on the door, making the door a centerpiece of the interior design.

SBS Design is experienced in manufacturing that sort of interior doors. Besides, you could easily work our online tool to customise the perfect door yourself and see how it fits your environment!

Here are some quite convincing reasons why going for painted MDF doors might be the best option for you:

Painted MDF doors could look quite stylish, especially if you opt for white or black. Black is too heavy a colour and it could hardly be used as the main colour in the palette of the interior of your home. On the other hand, however, black is the perfect colour to make a statement and emphasize on a detail in your interior, such as the interior doors.

MDF doors painted in black could not only be an interior accent but could also successfully conceal flaws. Imagine you have a metal door at home, which for one reason or another you don’t want to change. One of the best options out there is to paint over the metal door black and install a black interior door. That way not only will the metal door look a bit better, but it will also be in unison with the interior door, both complementing each other.

Painted MDF doors also look great when used in both contemporary, minimalistic interiors and in classic interiors. Think about it, the first association a person makes when they hear about a classic interior is white! Besides, veneered and laminated doors come in patterns that do not always fit a person’s tastes. If that is the case, then painted MDF is the way to go.

Not last of all, painted MDF doors go along perfectly with various door milling designs. In comparison, milling is not an option with laminated MDF. In addition, maybe the greatest advantage of painted MDF doors is the large choice of colours you have. SBS Design for one offers you more than 135 RAL colours! The sky’s the limit, as they say. That way your interior doors will surely match the colour palette of your home.

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