Are interior glass doors safe?

Opting for glass doors in the interior of your home is a very good choice for a number of reasons. For one, glass lets natural light into your home, not to mention that a beautiful glass doors is a great way to break up a larger area while keeping that feeling of space. But the […]
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How to maximize impact with a small renovation budget

When it comes to renovations, small things can have a big impact on the interior of your home. Complete repairs often involve time, money and craftsmen. However, it is not always necessary to invest a lot in repairs. There are some small things you can do that will have a big impact on both the […]
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A brief history of the door knocker

The door knocker, although a slightly neglected accessory, has been part of the overall design of front doors for centuries. A case in point – try and imagine a door from ancient times. Likely the first thing that comes to mind is a rusty old door knocker. The accessory definitely gives off a different and […]
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Червена кръгла врата - вход на жълта къща

5 emblematic doors you know from film and TV

Ever since sitcom’s early days in the 50s, doors have been used to influence viewers, boosting dramatic effect. When one door is open, the spectator moves from one scene to the next. This is a transition that in may require a change of stage and different lighting in theatre. The echo of the slammed door […]
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Входната врата и свод на входа на Нотр Дам

The most beautiful exterior doors in the world

Most entry doors are hopelessly ordinary and boring – a mere piece of wood or metal on hinges, serving functional tasks alone. There are, however, doors that go beyond that. Such doors become symbols, they connect the spiritual to the real world or link different aspects of our lives. We have already looked at the […]
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Smart locks – are they worth it?

In recent times, the “smart home” concept, meaning more advanced home automation, is gaining more and more traction. And one of the most useful gadgets money can buy is the smart lock. Besides functionality, smart locks look surprisingly stylish. Something more, they are very convenient because they use Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and connect to home assistants, such […]
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On the origin of sliding doors

Nowadays sliding doors are a practical and very stylish interior solution for many homeowners. Something more, sliding doors are an absolute must for smaller apartments/studios. Today, however, we would like to “escape”, so to speak, from the practicality of sliding doors. Instead, in today’s blog post we will pay attention to a different topic – […]
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7 fascinating facts about trees you didn’t know

SBS Design specializes in interior and exterior MDF door manufacturing. As a large manufacturer who very much abides by certain quality standards, we are really interested in the properties of the materials we use, and especially wood. Besides door manufacturing, however, wood is used in furniture making as well. Something more, most of the furniture in […]
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Двукрила старинна входна врата с метални елементи.

The oldest preserved doors in the world

In the past, people of ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians and the Sumerians, used to believe that doors symbolised the entrance to the afterlife. For that particular reason, many doors were decorated with such scenes. It is therefore not at all surprising that most of the doors preserved to this day once adorned places […]
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