Are interior glass doors safe?

Opting for glass doors in the interior of your home is a very good choice for a number of reasons. For one, glass lets natural light into your home, not to mention that a beautiful glass doors is a great way to break up a larger area while keeping that feeling of space. But the opposite is also true – glass doors can make the smaller area feel more spacious. No wonder why the verdicts stands – glass doors are nothing short of a superb choice!

But many fear safety. So are glass doors reliable? This a question that quite a few of SBS Design‘s customers ask often us, so we hope that this short blog post will provide the answers you need.

Glass doors in the interior – it’s a safe bet!

The short answer to the question of whether interior glass doors are safe is a resounding “Yes”! Rest assured that the glazing of interior doors is reliable and completely safe for you and your family.

How can we be so sure, you ask? Well, our custom-door production process uses tempered glass with a thickness of 8 millimeters. This goes on to ensure a maximum strength of the glazing of your interior door. And what is tempering of glass? Simply put, in the process of tempering, the glass is heated to over 600 degrees (the industry standard is 620 degrees Celsius) and then quickly cooled off. But before it gets to that stage, any sheet of glass that is to be tempered is meticulously inspected. The purpose of the check is to determine whether the sheet has any defects that could lead to breakage. The whole tempering process has a healing effect on the glass. Through that process, tempered glass becomes about 4 times stronger than ordinary glass. And while the latter shatters into thousands of sharp and dangerous pieces, if broken, tempered glass forms granules that pose less of a danger to you and your family.

Glass doors are a great choice for both the office and the home. However, with all their advantages, if you have small children, it is still good to consider MDF interior doors with some glazing. SBS Design offers many options that come with all the advantages of glass doors, but also with additional safety; The MDF frame of the interior door will give extra strength to the structure, which will in turn provide some extra peace of mind to you.

Keen to learn more? Check out the different types of interior doors made by SBS Design. Contact us or visit us in one of our offices in Varna, Shumen or Burgas, and soon in Sofia!

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