Черната врата на Даунинг Стрийт номер 10 - официалната резиденция на министър-председателя на Обединеното Кралство

The most iconic doors in the world

Throughout history there have been a number of occasions when, strangely or not, something as mundane as an exterior door has become a symbol of either a place or an even for some reason or another. As such, these doors are immediately recognized by millions of people in the world. Although we certainly hope our […]
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Червена кръгла врата - вход на жълта къща

5 emblematic doors you know from film and TV

Ever since sitcom’s early days in the 50s, doors have been used to influence viewers, boosting dramatic effect. When one door is open, the spectator moves from one scene to the next. This is a transition that in may require a change of stage and different lighting in theatre. The echo of the slammed door […]
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The little details: how to pick a proper door stop

In spite of being one of the most commonly-used home accessories, door stops often go unnoticed. It is, however, necessary for homeowners to pay attention because the right doors stop will save you quite a lot of headaches … and cash for that matter. The idea of a door stop is to prevent the constant […]
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5 Useful Tips to Have in Mind When Changing Interior Doors

We’ve said it before – when sprucing up the interior, often many homeowners tend to neglect one of the important elements, namely the interior doors. Interior doors, however, serve not only functionality, but are important visually as well. They give a room its complete look, so when remodeling, think about changing the interior doors as […]
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Бяла двукрила интериорна врата и бяла стена

Why white interior doors might be the perfect choice for your home?

Out of all colours in the visible spectrum, white is probably the one that is used most in interior design. That may be due to the fact that the neat, never-out-of-style white goes well with both contemporary interior doors and classic design doors. No matter if white is used in Shaker style designs or in […]
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What are the advantages of painted MDF interior doors?

Choosing an interior door basically comes down to picking among three types of the same material – laminated, veneered or painted MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard). Each of them, quite naturally, has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, however, we are going to tell you more about the upsides of painted MDF. If changing your […]
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The advantages of having glass doors as part of your interior

Doing a home renovation can be both scary and very exciting. You have a ton of options in front of you and the only limit is your imagination. But there’s a crucial part of redesigning the interior of your home that is often simply overlooked – interior doors. If you truly want to change the […]
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Smart locks – are they worth it?

In recent times, the “smart home” concept, meaning more advanced home automation, is gaining more and more traction. And one of the most useful gadgets money can buy is the smart lock. Besides functionality, smart locks look surprisingly stylish. Something more, they are very convenient because they use Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and connect to home assistants, such […]
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On the origin of sliding doors

Nowadays sliding doors are a practical and very stylish interior solution for many homeowners. Something more, sliding doors are an absolute must for smaller apartments/studios. Today, however, we would like to “escape”, so to speak, from the practicality of sliding doors. Instead, in today’s blog post we will pay attention to a different topic – […]
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3 reasons why you should replace your exterior door

The entry door of your home is an important part of its overall looks. In order for your home to look its best and feel welcoming to you and your guests, you have to pay close attention to the looks of your exterior door. After all, the front door is one of the first things […]
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