Choose a Door – Opening, Covering & Maintenance


Generally the door will open into a room from the outside of the building, corridor or hallway, this is for both privacy and for general safety reasons. If it opens out onto a corridor or hallway there is a chance that someone walking past may be struck by the door as it opens.
There are exceptions, fire doors open outwards and areas with limited space such as a small toilet or bathroom may need to have a door which opens out of the room. In this case you could select a sliding door which is a great space saving option.

Fly Hinges are available for doors which need to swing both ways, these are commonly used in restaurants and bars, but would need a window to ensure the door does not open onto an obstruction or another user.


From the website or from one of our showrooms you can select the material type and finish of you doors please check out all of the options we have available:

  • Entry Doors
  • Secure doors
  • Bathroom doors
  • Veneered Doors
  • Laminated doors
  • Spray Painted Doors


All doors, manufactured by SBS Design Ltd. are easily maintained. You can use a soft cloth and furniture polish to clean the door surfaces and frames. Most of the furniture preparations are suitable. Do not clean or scrub the doors with any abrasive or aggressive cleaning detergents as you may damage the varnish.

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