How to achieve the best all-white interior

The all-white interiors are clean and simple. They give out a sense of calm, becoming a small oasis that diverts our thoughts from the hectic everyday life. The white interior is also timeless. It never goes out of style. Going for an all-white then we can make up a warmer and a more welcoming interior that will never go out of style and will always look fantastic.

There are a whole host of details to consider when creating an all-white interior at home though. From choosing the right white interior doors, to picking the perfect white sofa. To make your choices easier, in the following piece, we will look at the most basic things that we need to know before we embark on the redesign.

Bring in a variety of materials and finishes

The fact that we have settled on one color palette for the interior of a room does not mean that it will look monotonous or boring. We can effortlessly bring in variety to the room using a range of different materials and finishes. For example, by contrasting the matte white wall with a shiny marble coffee table or painted wooden shelves, we achieve exactly the balance we are looking for. Another example is breaking up the all-white brick wall in the bedroom with a fluffy white rug and crisp white sheets.

The many different textures will add depth to the room. And that way we will steer clear of monotony. Explore options for combining hard and shiny surfaces with soft and matte, layering different materials to make the result visually appealing.

Combine different styles of furniture

The all-white interior is the perfect opportunity to play with mixing furniture from different periods and styles. This will help the room not look too “flat”, which can happen if we choose furniture in the same color and style. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Combining the modern with the traditional is one of the many possibilities before us. In this line of thought, modern white interior doors with retro elements and antique furniture would look just amazing together. Another suitable combination would be white interior doors in a “cottage” style with elegant, chic sofas and tables.

In an all-white interior, color is the thing that unifies the elements in the room and makes everything look good together. Which means the sky is the limit. So don’t be afraid to combine different types of furniture to get an interesting, aesthetically pleasing room.

Use of different shapes is crucial

In addition to the style and material of the furniture and decoration, the “all-white” interior gives us the chance to experiment with the geometry of the rooms. In this case, we should not stick entirely to the standard forms. Instead of artwork in a rectangular frame, we can choose a circle that contrasts with the rectangular shapes in the room. Organic shapes, such as those of an animal skin rug, can make an interior even more interesting. The same goes for sculptures in unusual shapes and forms.

Combine different shapes in the room to add depth, including with soft furnishings such as cushions, rugs, tables and chairs.

Let nature add warmth to the interior

An all-white interior is easy to achieve if you have the right tools. And interestingly enough, color is one such tool. Using pops of color can bring warmth and personality to a room. Natural accents also add color while keeping the clean and simple look of the all-white interior.

We can thus put plants in the room to give it life. We can also incorporate color through natural materials such as concrete, clay or rattan. The all-white interior is certainly not for everyone. All-white rooms are often compared to hospital rooms. To avoid this association it is important to add something of us in the white room. Natural materials are a great option. They certainly give more freedom and make the interior complete and cozy.

SBS Design offers a huge range of different colors and finishes for bespoke interior doors, so with us you can find the perfect complement to your all-white interior. Contact us to learn more.

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