How to choose proper interior doors for your office?

Studies have shown time and again that the interior of any business building influences the work atmosphere. Whether you are welcoming customers or not, the design of the space has its impact on the work and productivity of your employees. And as an important part of the interior, interior doors must also be selected properly, in accordance with the needs of your business. Here’s how to choose the right interior doors for your office space.

In general, the following two types of office doors are most common in administrative buildings:

NB: Whether you choose glass or interior MDF doors, the only thing to remember is not to put sliding doors in the office! The reason is that locking sliding doors could bе tricky and security must be of the utmost importance.

Let’s look at the two options in a little more detail.

Glass doors

Glass doors look fantastic and create a feeling of space in the office. In addition, glass doors greatly increase the natural light in the room. This in turn limits the need for artificial light, which, although to a small extent, also saves a bit of electricity. The presence of natural light also increases the useful space in an office. With less shade and dark spots in the room, you can take advantage of the full potential of the available space. The biggest benefit of all, when it comes to allowing more natural light in the interior office space, however, lies elsewhere. A number of studies show that natural light in the office improves employee productivity and increases job satisfaction.

These are some of the reasons why glass doors are becoming increasingly popular. The downside is that they require a lot of maintenance – they are recommended to be cleaned almost on a daily basis. On the other hand, glass doors are a better option if the climate is more humid. While MDF doors are prone to swelling, this problem does not exist with glass doors. In addition, locking mechanisms are more expensive than standard ones used for MDF doors. The other disadvantage of glass doors is privacy, but there is a simple solution – using frosted glass.

MDF interior doors

The other option for you office doors are those made of MDF. Although wooden doors are mostly used in the home interior, in some cases they find a suitable place in administrative buildings as well. If MDF doors are to be the preferred option instead of the more popular glass doors, the former are usually combined with glazing. It is true that doors made entirely of MDF are not among the most popular in the corporate environment. They are nonetheless well used in buildings where privacy is more important, such as medical facilities and law firms.

The good thing about MDF office doors is that you have a large selection of finishes; paint, laminate and natural veneer, each option with dozens, even hundreds of varieties. And then there’s the price. It is almost always lower than the price of glass doors, which makes it another advantage of MDF doors.

Whichever of the two you chose however, you have a trusted partner in SBS Design. We will help you design, manufacture and install your new office doors, providing top quality and expedience.

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