The advantages of having glass doors as part of your interior

Doing a home renovation can be both scary and very exciting. You have a ton of options in front of you and the only limit is your imagination. But there’s a crucial part of redesigning the interior of your home that is often simply overlooked – interior doors. If you truly want to change the interior of your home, replacing your standard interior doors with glass doors is a wonderful way to achieve that.

For one, there are plenty of different types of glass that could be used. But that’s not the only thing to decide on. The door itself can be manufactured entirely out of glass (using tempered glass with wholes cut in it for hinges, locks, and handles) or out of MDF with glass elements. To get a better idea of the different types of doors, have a quick look at your catalogues.

Along with the different design options, having a glass door in your interior brings about a ton of benefits. Check these out below!

#1 Glass doors let natural light in

One major advantage of glass doors is that they let natural light in other rooms of your home as well. Lack of natural light could make a certain part of your home feel gloomy. Glass doors change that and for that specific reason they are great addition to every home. Right off the bat glass doors change the atmosphere in the room. They are also very appropriate for small homes. An added benefit (besides the health benefit, of course) is the decreased electricity bill!

#2 Glass doors provide good acoustic isolation

You may find that hard to believe, but glass doors are perfect acoustic isolators. Glass reflects sound waves and instead of noise being carried on throughout your house or apartment, most of it is contained to a single room. This makes glass doors perfect for noisy rooms – play rooms or your kid’s room, for instance. Naturally, the level of acoustic isolation depends on the glass’ thickness but it’s very possible for a glass door to reduce noise by 45 decibels.

#3 Glass doors allow better visibility

Glass doors are incredibly practical if you want to have a look at what you toddler is doing without disturbing their playtime. Of course, that type of door is not appropriate for all rooms, i.e don’t put one for your bathroom!

#4 Contemporary interior

If you’re looking for something contemporary for your new interior, glass doors are a step in the right direction. Glass doors’ clean lines and simplicity make the room they are fitted into feel elegant and modern. Besides, glass doors are in sync with the latest trends in interior design – open floor plan home, creating a clean, well lit and pleasant spaces without the need to tear down entire walls!

What to take into account when choosing glass doors?

If you do decide that you want glass doors, the main thing to take into account is safety. Again, first you must decide on the type of glass door. When manufacturing doors made entirely out of glass, we use  8, 10 or 12mm tempered glass for maximum durability. However, if you have children who are just now taking their first steps, think about a MDF with glass elements option. Wooden frames will ensure better strength and will raise the glass a bit, making it somewhat difficult for kids to reach and potentially – break.

Privacy is also a factor. If you want maximum privacy in a specific room, like the bathroom for example, a transparent glass door may not be the most appropriate choice. In this instance, a frosted glass will better suit your needs.

For more information on sizes, types of glass used, and glass doors in general, please get in touch with our consultants. We have offices with show rooms in Varna, Shumen, and Bourgas, so feel free to come for a chat.

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  1. Wow! Great piece. I would also add to that that glass doors nowadays allow for digital printing to be used. The latter being especially useful in business environments.

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