The subtleties of creating a “rustic” interior

Rustic interior brings feelings of warmth, comfort and ease into your home. There are many different ways to achieve the rustic look you’re after, including combining in with other styles, like Italian, coastal, Scandi and farmhouse. And these combination are guaranteed to work extremely well because some key elements are common to all these styles. Whether you want to create a completely rustic room or just want to find some cozy accents typical for the so-called farm house style, below we will introduce you to the main characteristics of a rustic interior.

Natural materials are important

One of the main characteristics of the rustic interior is the use of natural materials. Wood, stone and brick will help you decorate in the style. And the possibilities for incorporating these materials into the interior are varied. From oak cottage doors to real stone floors covered in plush cotton rugs, the decorating options are truly many. Textured materials will help soften the otherwise hard stone and wood, bringing coziness and warmth to the room. If you want to combine rustic with coastal style, include wood and shells; if you prefer the cottage-rustic combination, use fresh flowers and large green indoor plants.

Choose a warm, earthy color palette

When choosing a color scheme, aim for warm, earthy tones. But don’t think that this only limits you to brown! White walls can provide a simple yet beautiful canvas that allows rustic furniture and accessories to pop. At the same time, white walls make the room brighter. You can also add muted colors that visually complement the natural materials. Sage green or pastel mint green can be used for contrast while sticking to the nature theme. Whatever tones you choose, try to stick to one color palette – this is essential. All that helps create a cozy, peaceful environment, and a wonderful rustic interior.

Look for heavy furniture

Large, heavy furniture is another key feature of rustic interiors. Look for large wooden dining tables with thick square legs, deep leather sofas and heavy wooden blanket boxes that can be used as a coffee table or TV stand.

If a particular room is the smaller one, look for smaller solid wood furniture that won’t fill the room. For example, a smaller two-seater sofa in rich brown leather will keep the rustic feel without taking up as much space. Sliding barn doors are also an option to achieve the rustic look we’re after here.

Use handmade and vintage accessories

Accessories that make an interior rustic are often unique. You might be able to find the perfect decoration just by wandering around the thrift store, or by taking the time to create something yourself. Hand-woven baskets, thick knitted blankets and handmade ceramics can add a touch of character to your rustic interior. Distressed furniture will also add a lot to the rustic atmosphere, creating a sense of coziness. You can also look for artisans to make iron light fixtures or rough wooden picture frames for you.

Here is the place to mention the importance of interior doors. You can achieve the desired rustic style only by using the appropriate interior doors in the interior. However, this means making custom doors. Contact an SBS Design representative and explore the possibilities for making a custom front door or interior door.

Add warm finishing touches

An open fireplace is the ultimate focal point in a rustic interior. If you’re lucky enough to have an open fireplace in your home, style it with a solid wood frame, stone surrounds, and wrought iron tools. You can also install low lighting to get that cozy open fire feel. It’s important to avoid shiny plastics and metals. Rustic materials should be rough and textured. This is also the reason to avoid shiny plastics and metals as much as possible. A rustic interior doesn’t have to look perfect and shiny, so don’t shy away from materials that look a little worn. You can combine different rough textures, with knotty woods and rough stone, softened with wool blankets and faux fur rugs. If you prefer a clean, minimalist feel, simply reduce the different types of textures you include in your rustic room.

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