What are the advantages of having sliding doors?

Modern sliding doors are the perfect solution to the most common issue with today’s building construction – the lack of available space. With classic hinged interior door there is the so-called “dead space”. This is an area which remains unused but is needed in order for the interior door to open and close unobstructed. Besides being quite stylish interior solution, sliding doors are also a perfect choice for smaller spaces, where every inch matters. That type of interior doors could make your job very easy when decorating a narrow hallway for instance, or save the day when you’re arranging your dressing room or closet where there must be as much space for drawers and shelves as possible. But these are not the only advantages of sliding doors. Read more on why sliding doors are such a good option for your home in what’s to follow.

#1 Energy efficiency

A lot of you may find the fact that sliding doors have the advantage of being energy efficient quite unexpected. After all, interior sliding doors do not have no insulation at all. Things, however, look differently when speaking about exterior sliding doors, separating the spacious living room from the large garden. And let me tell you, having such a large glass sliding door looks absolutely stunning and gives a sense of space!

Exterior sliding doors are made with composite gasket which ensures complete thermal insulation.Thus, your home stays cool on a hot summer day and warm in the cold winter.

#2 Natural light

Sliding doors can be made of glass. Aside from looking absolutely stunning as part of the interior decoration of a given room, this type of door allows natural light to flow into the room. And, depending on where the large glass sliding door is positioned, the view can be equally amazing.

#3 Easy access and in/out flow

It is much, much easier to open a sliding door compared to a hinged interior door. A sliding door glides easily on its rails making the effort necessary to open/close virtually non-existent. So sliding doors are the perfect solution for separating the kitchen from the living area, for instance because they will not obstruct the flow between the two rooms and at the same time – effectively separate them. In addition, maintaining your sliding door is way easier than the maintenance of standard interior doors.

#4 A great choice if you want to close a large space

If you need an interior door to separate two spaces but the wall opening is too large for a standard interior door, mounting a custom-made sliding door is the perfect choice. This way there will be no need for you to close that opening and fit in a classic hinged door. Firstly, this is time-consuming and secondly, it will additionally increase the costs. Instead, trust the professionals working in SBS Design. We can design, manufacture, and mount the sliding door to fit the space you have.

#5 Saving space

Last but not least, choosing to go for a sliding door is often the only and most logical solution for homeowners of smaller apartments. And even if your home is larger, often the room distribution simply requires you to look for alternatives to standard interior doors. No matter if you want a sliding or a folding door, the end result will be virtually the same; a stylish and practical interior door, which does not take up extra space; on the contrary – sliding doors make it so that the room looks more spacious.

Bonus: Sliding doors are a perfect choice for furniture – wardrobes more precisely – as well. Besides saving space, these doors could withstand the weight of a larger mirror which could be mounted on the door. Such an addition is both practical and giving a sense of space.

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