What are the benefits of custom-made exterior door?

If you are thinking of buying a ready-made exterior door from a large retailer, read what we have to say about it. All advantages of custom-made exterior doors will likely change your mind for the better.

While exterior doors you could buy from a larger retailer vary in shapes, sizes, and milling patterns, there is no better choice than custom-made doors. Why?, you ask. There is not only one reason … Instead, here are the five reasons why a custom-made exterior door will always be the better option for you.

#1 Just for you!

No matter if you want a more intricate milling design to adorn the front of your interior door, or something simplistic, bespoke doors are manufactured to fit your needs and your needs alone. From the locking mechanisms, through to the additional locks you may opt to go for, all the way to designer glass – everything happens according to your ideas and specific requirements. And adding extra details to make that door feel personal is no hassle. That way you can rest assured that you are not making any compromise when it comes to the quality and design of the exterior door you choose.

#2 High quality

Custom-made exterior doors are manufactured with high-quality materials. What is more, you have different options for the locking mechanisms and other materials so that the end product fits your needs and budget. The security these doors offer is also much higher. Furthermore, if you want to, additional locks, deadbolts, and safety latches could be fitted.

#3 Longer life

Compared to a standard store-bought door, you could expect your custom-made exterior door to function better for longer. Firstly, this is a result of the better quality materials that SBS Design uses in manufacturing our secure entry doors. Secondly, the know-how our experts have in manufacturing and fitting these doors also largely contributes to its proper work. As part of the design and manufacturing of custom-made exterior doors, most companies, SBS Design included, offer door fitting as well. That way you are guaranteed that the door will be properly mounted and will function flawlessly. Of course, the correct maintenance is also a necessity. However, deciding to go with a custom-made entry door, you get a product warranty. In addition, you can rely on the company to provide you with post-warranty maintenance which is always handy.

#4 Good first impression

An entry door that is distinctive from other doors on the block or on the floor makes a good first impression. It shows your guests you are taking security seriously and taking good care of your home. But there is something else. A door that looks sturdy and well-made may potentially even deter burglars from trying to gain entry to your home. If that does not work, you can rely on the custom locking mechanisms to stop them.

#5 A good investment

A well-made custom door that is manufactured with quality materials and is in sync with the overall look of your property will positively affect its price. No matter if you’re looking to rent or sell your property, a good-looking front door is a huge advantage in negotiating a price. It is a testament of the attention and devotion you have dedicated to making your home beautiful, unique, and most of all – secure. Simply put, a high-quality front door will increase the price of your home.

All entry doors we make are custom-made and manufactured in SBS Design’s facility in Shumen. For us each project is unique and we strive to pay the attention necessary to each detail. Thus, the final product boasts a quality built and as a result – high security scores. Mounted to fit perfectly in its place, each entry door comes with warranty. SBS Design has showrooms in Burgas, Varna, and Ruse. We will be delighted to have you visit us in one of our 4 offices or online. We will happily consult you and help you with the design and manufacturing of your exterior door.

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