Why white interior doors might be the perfect choice for your home?

Out of all colours in the visible spectrum, white is probably the one that is used most in interior design. That may be due to the fact that the neat, never-out-of-style white goes well with both contemporary interior doors and classic design doors. No matter if white is used in Shaker style designs or in projects that follow the latest trends in the industry, white is truly everlasting! Not to mention that white makes up for a room filled with more light. All that points to the fact that white is truly an amazing choice for an interior door. And if you do decide to opt for white when designing your new interior doors, then here are a few ideas for you to ponder over.

Modern design of your interior doors

Clean lines and contemporary-style doors go along perfectly in the modern home. Nevertheless, there are older properties in which such doors will also look fantastic. Contemporary white doors will make your house or flat a tad lighter, creating a sense of spaciousness. In addition, white complements most colours in the interior quite nicely. Have in mind, however, that white interior doors are not at all appropriate for spaces that have pieces of furniture in the creamy and dirty white palette; both often favoured for curtains and furniture.

Try something different with the exterior of the interior door

Speaking of contemporary, a lot of associations come to mind. From clean lines and minimalist designs, to offbeat styles with different milling designs. If you’re after the latter, SBS Design has got a number of options we could offer.

The different designs you see above would look as good in white. Naturally, the overall look of the interior doors largely depends on the door handles. With us as your partner, you have a bunch of different options. You could discuss them with one of our consultants over the phone or email. Or you could visit one of our offices in Varna, Shumen or Burgas. That way you can see the doors in person, allowing you to get a better idea of what the end product will look like.

White is a classic!

A classic interior door looks complete in white. That design won’t disappoint and fits perfectly with various decor, regardless of whether it’s saturated with colours or clean and minimalist. Check out the gallery below. You’ll see a finalised project that, we hope, will make you appreciate the beauty of detail in a classic design.

This is another design that is favoured by clients. Thus, we could offer you different options to choose from. If you already have something in mind, make use of our online door design tool. It allows you to customise your interior door by yourself and send the final one to use for a free quote.

When you really want the light in …

Using as much natural light as possible is something many interior designers strive towards. In that case, glass doors are simply the perfect choice! You could go for either glass sliding doors or glass double doors and fixed panels. Design options here are again many.

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