Why you should harmonize the interior design of your home with the design of your doors

When planning the interior design of a room, be it a residential or office an space, you should have a clear idea of ​​its final vision. However, whether you are an interior designer, builder or just starting to renovate your home on your very own, the truth is that often interior doors remain on the bottom of the renovation plan. This is hugely problematic! It is really essential that interior doors match everything else in your home or office, from floor to ceiling. It makes no sense to invest so much time and effort in creating the beautiful interior of a room, if the furniture and floor are not in sync with the door that leads up to the space. That’s why in this post we share some tips to guide you in choosing your new interior doors.

A matching design?

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Many people lately prefer the same design for all doors in their home. That comes with a long list of advantages. For one, it makes up for a sense of consistency and harmony throughout the apartment or house. And with the availability of different options for the door coating – veneer, laminate or paint – you can easily achieve different variations of the same door design.

If you decide to stick to that, make sure that the doors of the different rooms will be in sync with the flooring. It is important to match the chosen colors and patterns of wallpaper or paint on the walls in the room with the doors. For example, in your kitchen, would you like the door to match the table or kitchen cabinets? Bear in mind that two pieces of furniture that almost match in color (but not quite) will stand out much more than if they were totally different in colors. In other words – contrast works better! For example, an MDF door with an oak-colored laminate finish will not be a match for a laminate flooring with a slightly different shade of oak. On the other hand, the same door can look great next to dark gray tiles in the kitchen, for example.

In sum, choose colors that complement each other instead of trying to make sure that all the colors match exactly. This way you will achieve depth in the overall vision of the interior.

Contemporary gray

Gray continues to be widely used in interior design, and interior doors make no exception. Thus, a gray MDF door with a coating of laminate or paint is a modern classic that can give extra freshness to the interior.

Before opting for that particular type of door, however, think again about the flooring in your home, as well as the overall color palette of the interior.

Gray is a great color for a door because it goes well with a wide range of wall paints and furniture styles, but there are some types of flooring that gray just won’t do well with. Or, if your walls are painted gray, you better choose white for the doors. Try not to merge too much.

Combining laminates

One of the best features of laminates is the uniformity of the surfaces. Some people prefer the rougher surface of natural wood, while others see the attractiveness of the smooth and ornament-free surface of the laminate. It’s all up to your personal preference.

It is important to know, however, that the two types of surfaces – rougher surfaces and laminates – do not go well with each other. A laminated MDF door may not be the best to combine with rustic floor tiles in the kitchen. So consider what you want the final interior to look like before you pick a door that won’t fit the tiles or tiles that won’t go well with the door.

Different doors

Some people prefer to choose different types of doors for different rooms in their home, creating a more individual feeling in each of the rooms. For example, you can choose a sliding door for the living room, glass for the bathroom and MDF doors for different rooms in your home.

If you want to try a similar combination, follow the same principle we shared above. Consider the space around the door – especially the flooring – to make sure that the door will be in harmony with the rest of the furniture.

If you’re looking for some more useful tips with regard to the design and choice of interior door for your home or office, SBS Design is at your service! Contact us by email or phone, or come to one of our offices with showrooms in Shumen, Varna and Burgas.

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