3 reasons why you should replace your exterior door

The entry door of your home is an important part of its overall looks. In order for your home to look its best and feel welcoming to you and your guests, you have to pay close attention to the looks of your exterior door. After all, the front door is one of the first things that people notice about your home. And first impression is crucial.

Looks, however, are not all. Here are 3 reasons why you should carefully think about replacing your exterior door.

Energy efficiency

The old and damaged entry door could be the main reason for significant energy losses. Especially during the cold winter months. That happens because the constant exposure of your front door to the elements affects its integrity. Under the relentless effects of water, heat, snow, and sharp temperature changes your door suffers. The materials of which it is made of slowly degrade. For instance, even the slightest warping of your door could open a gap between the door and the frame. It will cause a loss of warmth. When your front door stops being a reliable thermal insulator, it is nothing but logical for your energy bills to increase. A new exterior door will put an end to the energy losses. It will reduce your heating expenses during the winter and AC expenses in the summer.


Отворена входна врата с ключ в ключалката

Replacing the entry door of your house or apartment could be a huge upgrade to your home security. From the comparatively cheap bolts and locks to the latest innovations in security cameras and movement and/or sound sensors, the options for security upgrades you have are endless!

The most important security feature of your home is, however, still a good, sturdy front door. We strive towards delivering high-quality products to all of our customers, which simultaneously look good and provide maximum protection for you and your loved ones.

For that purpose, SBS Design manufactures its secure entry doors with a strong frame of steel. To make sure the locking mechanism of the entry door is well-protected, it is shielded by a welded box of steel. When the key is turned in the lock, the locking mechanism protrudes in 3 directions for maximum security. The steel frame of the door is also covered with a thick, strong metal sheet. Add to that the wadding and you get a secure door to protect your home against thieves and the cold weather. And to make sure the door does its job well, it is produced with a heavy-duty frame and sturdy welded hinges. All that is covered in MDF. So in addition, you have endless design opportunities.


As we mentioned in the beginning, the entry doors are important for the overall looks of your home. That is why a new or well-maintained front door will make your home more welcoming. Plus, it will make a good first impression in visitors.

A new front door will not only make your home feel more welcoming. In addition, it will increase the value of your property. If you are thinking of letting or selling your house or apartment, a well-made front door will surely go a long way in attracting potential tenants/buyers.

And in case you are considering to replace your front door, we are at your disposal. We could be of assistance with a consultation, manufacturing your door according to your specific requirements and needs, as well as with the installation. Besides, you can trust us with servicing your door so it looks well long after it has been installed and continues serving its primary purpose – protecting you and your family.

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