5 ways to use fluted furniture in interior design

Incorporating fluted furniture in your interior design is one of the newer trends that is taking the world of interior design by storm. Inspired by the glamor of Art Deco and emulating the sophistication of ancient Greek columns, the design is an easy way to add a touch of sophistication to any room in your home. Below we will try to give some guidance and list our favorite ideas on how and where to use fluted furniture and fluted design elements in the interior of our home.

Milled interior doors

Interior doors are the most obvious element on which designer millwork fits just perfectly. Milled interior doors are an indisputably effective and very stylish way to achieve the appropriate look in your home as well. At SBS Design, we make interior doors with different types of milling to suit any interior. We can manufacture made-to-measure doors for any taste – from modern industrial to classic traditional design. In addition, we also make concealed doors that can be combined with milled MDF panels placed on the wall. That way, the door itself becomes a central element in the design of the room. Contact us and learn more about the different options for manufacturing a made-to-measure interior door.

Fluted light fixtures

Lighting fixtures fluted surfaces – wood, glass or fabric – are a more subtle way to implement this trend in your interior. You could keep things more minimalist by using the fluted design with just one or two lamps. That way these will be just an accent in a more minimalist room. Alternatively, fluted light fixtures can complement a vintage, more maximalist interior, bringing more depth and texture. The added bonus of fluted lighting is the dramatic effect of shadows on the fluted surface itself. That sort of vibe in turn adds another dimension to your interior.

Fluted coffee tables

Coffee tables with milled elements look good in any room of the home. They will unobtrusively add touches of this type of grooved design to the interior. Rounded side tables are particularly impressive in both the bedroom and the living room, bringing softness with curved lines and adding something a little more interesting than the usual rectangular side tables. Practical and stylish milled side tables are a simple but very effective way to complement the style and visual finish of a room.

Fluted decoration

If you are not ready to make big changes to your interior, but still want to add elements of the fluted design somehow, then choosing fluted decoration is a great way to do it. Decorative types of items range from small, fluted jewellery boxes, for example, to fluted glass flower vases. Fluted ornaments with curved edges are an interesting element and will really draw the eye. Look ornaments that fit the color palette of the room you are working with to ensure that everything in the interior remains cohesive.

Milled MDF wall panels

If you want to really make a statement, you can add milled paneling as a centerpiece in almost any room. Wall paneling has become a trend even in Bulgaria in the last 2-3 years, and milled paneling in particular can add depth and dimension to any room. You can choose a full accent wall or half-height paneling for a more subtle finish.

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