What are the advantages of interior harmonica doors?

Have you ever considered installing custom harmonica doors in your home? Definitely this type of interior door are more non-standard for the Bulgarian home, but their advantages are definitely not lacking. See what they are and how your home can become a tad cozier in the following lines.

The place…

An obvious disadvantage of newer apartment buildings in Bulgaria is the small square meterage. This puts forward the question of how to make the best use of the little available space in a modern interior. Following this line of thought, the design solutions to the specific problem in terms of furniture are not lacking. Along with them, however, sliding doors and harmonica doors are also an ideal option.

And so, quite obviously, the main advantage of the folding harmonica door is that it saves a lot of space. In the worst case, a standard interior door “occupies” an area with a radius equal to the width of the door. In other words, a minimum of 60 centimeters. On the other hand, harmonica doors, due to their folding mechanism, need only 10-15 centimeters. This makes them very suitable for utility rooms, such as wardrobes and laundry rooms.

Design solution

Accordion doors can be both aesthetically pleasing and an effective divider of a larger room. If you have a larger bedroom or living room where you want to create a small office corner (useful especially given the current situation with Covid), then a quality custom harmonica door is a great solution. It provides great flexibility in the available space, and with it you can quickly and easily rearrange the space as needed. This way you will not have to invest additional financial resources in the permanent reconstruction of the room.

Easy maintenance

Another important advantage of harmonica doors is the ease of maintenance. This type of door cleans quickly without much effort, unlike standard room dividers, for example, or glass doors. The folding harmonica door also fits in an extremely interesting way in the modern interior – it is used in houses, apartments and offices alike. In addition, you have hundreds of different options for the design of the harmonica door itself. Especially when relying on the experience of SBS Design in manufacture of this and other types of interior doors.

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