Don’t buy your doors from large chain stores!

Often the first place a person goes to when a home repair/renovation is due, is a large do-it-yourself stores. Whether it is paint, boards, basement racks or new interior and front doors, more often than not, people tend to go with that .

Undoubtedly, the convenience of finding everything you may need under the sane roof is great. In addition, these stores are in good locations, so access to them is easy, which makes them even more attractive to DIY-ers. Specifically to both interior and exterior doors, the choice is quite extensive, plus, doors are very cheap there. Then what is the issue, you ask.

Buying such an important element of the interior design, as are the doors in any home or office, from a store chain, you deprive yourself of the best choice you can make. And this is why.

Lower quality

The low prices in the store can make your head spin and be the sole driver of you making a purchase there. But, as people say, the joy of a lower price lasts less than the disappointment of poor quality. Well, there is a reason why doors in these stores are so cheap. Namely, doors there are not built to last. And if it so happens that the design you have chosen is discontinued in some time and you need a single new interior door, you will either have to get a different interior door and have a mismatch or replace every single one.

Lack of professionalism

In large chains, you can get your hands on almost anything. Not without reason, the employees there know a little bit of everything. However, when buying something as important as an interior or front door, you should not listen the advice of someone who is merely acquaint of the subject matter. You need a person with experience and knowledge. A person who can give you the best possible advice on every aspect of choosing a door and who can perform the installation!

Lack of customization

Another downside of DIY chains is the fact that they only sell ready-made doors. As the name suggests, these cannot be customized to your liking. That’s why it is a whole lot better for you to choose a door manufacturer who can make you bespoke doors instead of ordering from a large chain store. Among all other benefits, the former gives you the chance to design your new doors according to the interior of the premises they will be fitted into. The size of the doors is also important! Because there is no set standard in the country for how big an interior door should be, standard models in large stores may not be a perfect fit. That’s why it’s a good idea to have your doors custom-made.


The installation of the doors purchased from a chain store is not included in the price, of course. This further complicates the situation. The option is to pay extra or start the installation yourself, which is often not an option.

Therefore, the best you can do is to trust a local door-manufacturing company, which fully specializes in the manufacture and installation of entrance and interior doors. And SBS Design is just the company you need. We have many years of experience in the industry; and our consultants will give you the best advice on choosing a front or interior door. If you’re from Shumenn, Varna, Burgas or the surrounding areas, give us a shout and let us build your new entry and interior doors!

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