Freshen up your home with retro interior doors

Whether your favorite decade is the 1980s, 70s or the 60s, or you prefer to go way back to the Shaker style or that of the classic English cottage, the passion for retro shows no signs of abating either here or in the West.

As we have said more than once, the choice of interior doors is an important part of any interior space. This is a terribly personal decision: some people like smooth, classic lines that will blend beautifully with any interior. Still others like the different feel that a great retro-style door can give to an interior. We’re talking about doors with a distinct design charm that will impress any visitor and really add to the different (and better) atmosphere of any room they’re in.

Of course, at SBS Design we’re capable of making doors for every taste, budget and space – here we’ll take a look at some different types of vintage doors together. Plus, we’ll also give some tips on where these cool designs will fit in best.

White door with glazing

It is typical for vintage doors to have a paint finish instead of laminate or veneer. Classic white never goes out of style, so you can never go wrong with this choice. Another element of retro doors is the glazing. Options for glazing are many and varied so the sky is the limit. If you’re after something more concrete, you can always have a look at the different options you can choose from in our glazing catalog.

Stunning vintage glazed doors look great in rooms with higher ceilings and more natural light. This type of interior door looks great in different configurations – single, sliding or as portal doors. To achieve maximum effect, we believe that doors should be in a superstructure and, if possible, in a place where there is enough height above the door. Thus, the light will be able to flood the entire space. This is definitely not a design for a dark and gloomy corner!

Classic black

Here the preferred finish is again paint – preferably black, but other darker colors can also be an option. We are looking for clean, unobtrusive lines without the heavy decorative elements typical of classic interior doors.

This kind of clean dark doors will look best in simple, uncluttered rooms with lots of space. Such doors catch the eye, especially when placed against elegant white walls. But they also fit well next to walls of exposed brick, in dark gray or garden color. In case we opt for the classic black, it is important to think about the flooring as well. Bare parquet or laminate in combination with the black door looks extremely good! However, carpets with heavier designs are not a very good option. Below you can see a gallery of doors of this type for inspiration.

Rustic interior doors

Cottage style also continues to be relevant to this day and is still quite popular. Natural wood always looks beautiful and is a good choice for people who love simplicity in an interior space. Unlike other vintage door options we’ve featured on this blog, the 1930s-inspired rustic style fits brilliantly in rooms with low ceilings. But not only that! Rustic doors are also suitable for dark corners, creating a sense of coziness.

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