Six creative and unusual ways to upcycle old interior doors

Quality interior doors are essential for any home or office. In addition to their purely practical significance, they also have a strong impact on the overall appearance and feel of a given room. Therefore, although the interior door is a long-term investment, it is important when overhauling your home to responsibly replace the interior doors with newer and better quality ones, according to the needs of your home. But then the question remains – what do you do with the old doors? Most often people just throw them away and forget about it. But there is a more appropriate solution. Nowadays, recycling or rather upcycling is the word of the day. The key point in upcycling is to always think about a new function and application of obsolete objects, furniture, utensils and so on as we change their vision.

In the case with interior doors, it is easy. The use of old interior doors (antiques) as an ART piece in the interior can give a certain feel to the room.

Using old doors (antiques) for a headboard with a dramatic vision

An old door can be used as an ideal headboard for a bedroom or a single bed at an affordable price. For a single-bed headboard, simply place the interior door vertically and there you have it, simple!

And a double-bed headboard you can make by placing the door horizontally. But the effect would be greater when a double or portal interior door placed vertically. Some work with the color and texture of the interior door will brings a different feel to the overall project. It really is a masterpiece that catches the eye.

Using the old interior door as a grand photo frame

The most important that turns a house into home is the individual feel that a home has. And what better way to personalize your home than to use photos from the family album. An entire wall dotted with precious memories not only looks great, but also creates a feeling of coziness, especially if the photos are hung on the wall along the inner staircase; a place that is generally more difficult to decorate. What is matters in this case is that frames are perfectly aligned, otherwise it just looks messy. To help you with that, you can upcycle an old interior door and turn it into a photo frame. That eliminates the need of a ton of very small frames and at the same time it makes up for an unique piece of art. Interior doors with glazing are ready-made frames in which you can simply arrange the photos. Massive interior doors have another advantage. They can be used as a blank canvas on which to create.

Here are some examples:

Interior door used as a bookshelf or shelf

Books are knowledge and art. Why not exhibit them artistically on another work of art? With only minor adjustments, the old interior door can be turned into an artistic bookshelf or a shelf. Here again, one must tinker a bit with the design so as to achieve the desired result.

Using an interior door for a table top

It sounds unusual, yes, but the interior door can become an ideal countertop for a coffee table, or even a dining table. It brings a bohemian and artistic atmosphere to the room and it again can be a work of art in itself.

Portmanteau made of interior doors

The portmanteau is a very important element of the interior. It is one of the first things that guests see when entering a home. It gives a character to a room and creates comfort. The use of old interior doors as a basis for making such a piece of furniture is a widespread and very effective in interior design.

Use of interior doors for functional division of space

Interior doors can be very easily and successfully used to build decorative walls and partitions that visually divide the spaces in a room, which serve different functions. This technique is especially handy in smaller homes, where space optimization is paramount.

With upcycling, the sky is the limit!

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