Smart locks – are they worth it?

In recent times, the “smart home” concept, meaning more advanced home automation, is gaining more and more traction. And one of the most useful gadgets money can buy is the smart lock. Besides functionality, smart locks look surprisingly stylish. Something more, they are very convenient because they use Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and connect to home assistants, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. In addition to functionality, it’s also to pay attention to looks. Smart locks are made in various shapes and sizes to suit every taste.

But the question stands – is it worth implementing a smart lock? Find out the answer in this blog post.

What are the advantages of smart locks?

The feeling of checking your every pocket and not feeling your keys there is an absolute nightmare! It’s like a wave of anxiety hits you … An obvious advantage of smart locks is that they remove the need for a physical key. No more constantly wondering where you left your key and thinking the worst – that somebody else has it! The advantages of smart locks don’t stop here though.


The idea of having a smart lock is to make your life easier. This happens by using the remote access function as well as voice control. Yes, you can fully control smart locks via wireless internet. Usually this happens by using a small device, that connects the lock to your home Wi-Fi network. Once connected, you can lock and unlock your smart lock from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Even the hectic mornings won’t be a problem anymore. If you happen to forget to lock your front door, the smart lock will send you a notification that your door is unlocked. Having remote access, you can easily lock it without worrying about the consequences.

Good first impression

It’s not necessary for your smart lock to be huge and strangely-shaped. Actually, nowadays smart locks can even look like a regular lock. The only difference is that smart locks are opened only when told to, without you having to use a physical key. Other smart lock models are mounted on the inside of the front door, using the original locking mechanism. That way, the exterior of your door remains the unchanged.

The idea is that you can always find a smart lock to suit your both security needs and taste.

Full access control

If you own an investment property (or manage one) for the purpose of short-time rent via a platform, such as Booking or AirBnb, have housekeeping, or you just need to let a friend or a neighbor in to walk the dog or feed the cat, a smart lock can be incredibly useful.

Отворена входна врата с ключ в ключалката

With smart locks becoming more and more poplar, there’s no more need for you to make copies of your keys. That means, no more hiding them under pots and front door mats … Smart locks allow you to make digital keys. You can even limit the time frame in which these virtual keys can be used. For instance, you can allow a person in your home, limiting the time his digital key is valid only to Mondays and Fridays between 2 and 4 pm.

Some smart locks can even be set to lock your front door automatically after a certain period of time. Or when your cell phone is more than a few meters away. And if you’re comfortable enough and want to get rid of keys for good, some locks work with a PIN code alone.

The verdict – are smart locks worth it?

Smart locks aren’t for everyone. Not that they are too expensive or anything like that. They are just a piece of technology that requires some getting used to. They are also not the perfect solution. Manufacturers of smart locks have had to deal with connectivity issues and improve wear and tear resistance. But all that taken into account, smart locks are improving quickly and the thousands of five-star reviews testify to their qualities. So if you’re looking for a stylish and smart way to make your everyday life easier – a smart lock can go a long way.

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