Фасада на сграда, покрита с бръшлян и червена входна врата в дясната част на сградата

What are the benefits of custom-made exterior door?

If you are thinking of buying a ready-made exterior door from a large retailer, read what we have to say about it. All advantages of custom-made exterior doors will likely change your mind for the better. While exterior doors you could buy from a larger retailer vary in shapes, sizes, and milling patterns, there is […]
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Сива полуотворена плъзгаща врата, която разделя баня от хол.

How to efficiently decorate a small apartment

Doing an interior design for a small living space is often a difficult task. Comparatively small space should be arranged in a way that both looks good and fits contemporary criteria for comfort and functionality. On the other hand, a small apartment has a lot of benefits. It has that unique sense of cosiness, comes […]
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US Bank Stadium със затворени стъклени врати

The largest doors in the world

Doors, both interior and exterior, come in all (odd) shapes and sizes. This week we’ve decided to show you the 3 largest in the world! The doors on our list are tremendous and we really did learn something new while researching the topic. In this line of thought, we hope that you’ll find the present […]
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