How to maximize impact with a small renovation budget

When it comes to renovations, small things can have a big impact on the interior of your home. Complete repairs often involve time, money and craftsmen. However, it is not always necessary to invest a lot in repairs. There are some small things you can do that will have a big impact on both the […]
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8 Practical bathroom renovation ideas you should opt for

Whether you want to renovate a bathroom in an old home or need to make a completely new one, now is the time to consider some improvements that will provide you and your family with great convenience in the years to come. Here are our 8 ideas for improvements in the repair of your bathroom […]
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What to consider when choosing a bathroom door?

The bathroom door is very often neglected when renovating a home. In fact, however, it plays an important role in the overall interior design. But why does this happen? The bathroom is a utilitarian room and above all, we are all used to thinking primarily about functionality. We thus leave the design of the door […]
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Six creative and unusual ways to upcycle old interior doors

Quality interior doors are essential for any home or office. In addition to their purely practical significance, they also have a strong impact on the overall appearance and feel of a given room. Therefore, although the interior door is a long-term investment, it is important when overhauling your home to responsibly replace the interior doors […]
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A brief history of the door knocker

The door knocker, although a slightly neglected accessory, has been part of the overall design of front doors for centuries. A case in point – try and imagine a door from ancient times. Likely the first thing that comes to mind is a rusty old door knocker. The accessory definitely gives off a different and […]
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Бяла кухненска врата в синхрон с кухненски шкаф

What are the advantages of interior harmonica doors?

Have you ever considered installing custom harmonica doors in your home? Definitely this type of interior door are more non-standard for the Bulgarian home, but their advantages are definitely not lacking. See what they are and how your home can become a tad cozier in the following lines. The place… An obvious disadvantage of newer […]
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Practical tips for child-proofing interior doors

Welcoming a new member of your family in your home could be both an exciting and a slightly scary experience for any new parent. During the first few months of her life, the baby cannot even keep her head upright. Over time, however, things change radically, and after only a few short months, she begins […]
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Библиотека за книги от пода до тавана

How to choose proper interior doors for your office?

Studies have shown time and again that the interior of any business building influences the work atmosphere. Whether you are welcoming customers or not, the design of the space has its impact on the work and productivity of your employees. And as an important part of the interior, interior doors must also be selected properly, […]
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Черната врата на Даунинг Стрийт номер 10 - официалната резиденция на министър-председателя на Обединеното Кралство

The most iconic doors in the world

Throughout history there have been a number of occasions when, strangely or not, something as mundane as an exterior door has become a symbol of either a place or an even for some reason or another. As such, these doors are immediately recognized by millions of people in the world. Although we certainly hope our […]
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